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one week program
The purpose of this course is to provide students with an English program that cannot be found in schools. The material covered is similar to that in the mandatory school curriculum. It program enables students to experience the English that they have already learned in school. Based on the Task-based Learning required by the 7th Educational Curriculum, the program improves students’ communication skills and helps to review essential vocabulary, expressions, and language formations, while engaging in a variety of activities. Students will learn and experience new expressions during this program, will have familiarized themselves with the new expressions by the time they complete the program, and will be able to utilize the expressions when they go back to school.

Students will do four of five content streams. The will take three classes where they will learn new vocabulary, practice speaking and then complete a unique project to review their new knowledge. Content area classes are activity based meaning students can focus on interacting with their teachers and students in English. They can learn and have fun while using their new skills.

The content areas are:

DMZ: Drama and Music
In Drama students will learn fundamental drama skills, write a script and perform a play in front of their peers.
In Music, students will learn about rhythm and perform a simple routine. They will learn to describe their musical preferences and learn a dance from another culture.

CSI: Center of Science and Invention
In science students will learn a principle of science and do an associated experiment. The scientific principles presented in class include various forces, hygiene, acid, bases, alkaline, and gravity. The class experiments and projects include building bridges, making soap, solving crimes and constructing a parachute and basket to safely drop eggs from a bridge.

ACE: Art Culture and Entertainment.
Students will film and edit a short video where they will interview each other and introduce themselves.

DP: Daily Planet
In “Rock This” students will write songs that express their feelings dependant on a their choice of genre. In “Dub This” students will write and record voice over’s to a preselected short video.

Cutting Edge: Cooking
Cooking students will learn specific kitchen vocabulary and learn how to cook several popular western food items such as cookies, pancakes and frittatas. Students will enjoy their snacks together as well as learning trivia from the country that their recipe originates from.

Language lessons
Students will take two grammar based lessons a day. These lessons are lecture based and designed to teach useful vocabulary from specific real world scenarios. Students’ roles play dialogue and complete conversation activities.

Homeroom classes happen at the start and end of each day. Students can play fun English games, have conversations with teachers and ride on the EV rail bikes. Students will also visit facilities such as the bank, post office, clinic and the police station to role play specific dialogue in a fun and interactive environment.

Action time
Students can relax and practice classic western games such as Jenga, chess and halli galli while speaking to each in English. In summer time they can enjoy popular outdoor activities like dodge ball, Frisbee, basketball and badminton.